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Imagine being able to send a heartfelt letter to family and loved ones even after you have passed away. With Memory Mark®, the Love Letters feature gives you the power to share your thoughts and acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries and other special events, even if you are not there to say it in person.

Your Letter could become a real piece of family history to share with generations to come. Help children and grandchildren remember who you are with a letter from Memory Mark®. Share a personal anecdote that would help family members remember a special time that you shared with them. This is also a great way to pass on information that you may not have wanted to share while you were alive.

Letters is a perfect place for men and women in the military to share their hopes and dreams for their future with the families that they love.


Now you can write letters to your loved ones and schedule them to be delivered at any time. Have the last word even after you are gone with Memory Mark! Schedule a Letter to be delivered on a specific date, like:

  • Your child's 18th birthday
  • Your 25th wedding anniversary with your spouse
  • The anniversary of a special event:
    • Engagements
    • Buying your first home
    • Your first date
    • A first day at a new job

Or select an event to trigger the release of a Letter:

  • Upon verification of your death
  • When you have given a trusted user access to your Memory Mark® Vault or a private photo album

You decide who gets a letter and when, always with the dual encryption, which is unique with Memory Mark.

  • Military-grade encryption means your letters are safe.
  • Letters are protected from fire, theft, flood or any other type of natural disaster.
  • Access your letters anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection, or from your mobile device as well.
  • Schedule letters to be delivered to anyone you choose at any time.

Speak from the heart with Letters today; your loved ones will be thankful for generations to come.

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