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Your security is our number one concern. You own your data, and your information is safely protected with a double layer of encryption. The Connections feature offers a secure way to preserve and also share your Memory Mark® details if you choose. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to give access of your account to trusted family or friends. You not only decide who can view your information but when they can view your information, now or after you have passed.

With Memory Mark® you can share special moments with family and friends today and provide important legacy information after you are gone.

Start recording and sharing your life with other Memory Mark® users.


Memory Mark® gives you absolute control of your personal account. The Connections feature allows you to share your life story with security and confidence.

  • Default settings are like a bank vault: No one is allowed without your authorization.
  • You have total control over each individual user's allowances. There is no blanket "friends" setting that exposes your private information.
  • After you have connected to a friend or family member on, you can choose which features you want to give each person access to.
  • You can decide to share your Photos and Journal with family members or friends.
  • Share Vault information with your spouse, financial advisor, or trustee.
  • Choose emergency contacts who can see your health information in the Emergency section of ID Recovery.
  • Choose a "Verified Beneficiary Contact" who will be the trigger to access your account. They will provide confirmation of a death and forward the death certificate to Memory Mark®. Once received, those individuals that you selected can view the features you chose just for them: love letters telling family how much you care, even after you are gone; journal notes, and important legal and financial information released when you choose.
  • Set any feature (like your Journal or Vault) to be released to a family member after death. Unlike other websites, we will never change your privacy settings or share any of your information. In fact, in the Terms of Use agreement, you will see that Memory Mark® has committed to never sell your information, not even your age or last name.

Connections are all about trust. We provide the security, you decide who you want to connect with.

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