Family connections have been my passion since I started my family in 1980. I am Cindy Perry, CEO of Memory Mark®, and I created this website to help relive precious memories that keep us connected to the people we love. My Grandkids are featured in this photo; if I never had the opportunity to see them again, I want something left for them to remember me by. I would like them to know much I enjoy bird watching in the canyon, the smell of the rapids when I am rafting and just how special each one of them are to me.

In turn, I also want to be able to remember my Grandpa’s favorite sayings, (you knew a story was about to begin because he always started with: “The thing about it is…”) and I want to pass on the stories he shared with me about what it was like for him growing up as a young man on a ranch in Texas, and his experiences serving as a Ranger in World War 2.

We live in a digital age, but that does not minimize concerns about protecting your identity. The security of your personal information is the top priority for us here at Memory Mark®. You can rest assured that the important documents and precious memories that you upload to your Memory Mark® account are safe, because we have created a unique secondary level of encryption for your protection.

I hope you will use this website to create your own family connections, and that your memory will live on for generations to come!

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